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When Chairish contacted me about collaborating on a style board that shows how I'd take a room white to bright, using a vintage chair from their site, I jumped at the chance.

I've been MIA from here way too long so this gives me something to dip my toes back into blogging.
Also, who doesn't love Chairish?!

Chairish shared a file with 12 chair images and I was asked to choose one.
Note: you can shop all accent chairs on Chairish here.

My first inclination was to go with something that popped.  I'll admit, its always what I'm drawn to first.  

I love bright pinks/fuchsias, so naturally, these two selections were at the top of my list.
Images provided by Chairish.

They are gorgeous and will admittedly be the centerpiece of any room they end up in, but I chose to go a different route.

So I chose this pair of chairs to build my room around.

I like to move my furniture all around my house.  I don't have the same color scheme in each room so the only way I am able to do this is if pair neutral larger pieces with colorful textiles and decor.

Here is the room I came up with. 

As you can see, I chose a few other neutral pieces, but even though they fall into that spectrum, they add their own pops to the room.
First the chesterfield sofa, a classic piece.  I looked specifically for this color.  Not too red or yellow in undertones, perfectly broken in.  Gives the perfect masculine balance to some of the other elements in the room.

The sofa, tv and pups I sourced elsewhere, but every other element in the room can be found on Chairish.

I did choose a bold color for the rug, but not only does it pair beautifully with chocolate in the sofa but navy and fuchsia are also a hot color combo right now.

Picking a bright color for the rug ties into the art and the pillows.

I knew I wanted to pair navy and kelly green in this room somehow.  I was able to achieve that by adding another layer of color with the vintage gourd lamps.

If you want a room that reflects your style and how you live, you need to think in terms of layers.  Matchy matchy is out.  Its too homogenous.  Pick pieces that speak to you and trust your gut.  Its like putting together an outfit vs. buying the entire outfit off the mannequin.  

I layered this room with different textiles and materials.  

Art: Leigh Slingluff found on Chairish.

You will notice here the element of brass is repetitive.  Normally, I would not recommend and overdose of brass (as much as I love it) but here it really is an accent, with the exception of the end tables.  Brass can definitely add a dose of glam to a space.
I'd considered a wood coffee table but I didn't want it too feel too lodge-y with the burlwood credenza and I didn't want anything to block the visual of the moroccan rug.

How do you go from white to bright?


One Room Challenge - Week 3: Peanut's Room

Click the pic above to check out mi compadres.

Pardon my absence last week.  We flew out to Puerto Rico for spring break and putting together a week two post fell to the bottom of my long to do list before we left.  :/

I had planned to share my floor plan ideas with you last week.

We've already established how that went, so week 3, 2 days late it is.

As you can see, we don't have much room to work with.

Poor Peanut...this 10x10 room doesn't do a great job of accommodating his 6 foot frame, but we are working the best we can with what we have.

In order to make room for a desk, I'm thinking about moving the campaign dresser into his closet, as you can see below.  Most of his clothes fit in the dresser so I'd hang a high rod above the dresser to hang his dress shirts and pants.

A few mock ups of what I'm thinking of...
Bed wall

Wall to the right of the bed...I'd like to put a small desk where the dresser is

Still brainstorming on how to paint the interior of the closet.

Now that we are back and settled, I can focus a little more on the room and get you some progress pics.  On time.  I swear.


One Room Challenge Linking Party/Round 2/Week 1 - Peanut's Bedroom

Five months and no blogging.  It took the One Room Challenge to drag me out of hiding.  Ironically, I haven't posted since I participated in the last ORC in October/November.

Click pic to see the other participants.

One of the best challenges out there in bloggy world, if you ask me.

This go-round I've decided I need to step it up and finish Peanut's room.  Maybe then he will stop leaving his deodorant, cologne, toothbrush, socks, pick, underwear, razor, hair products, shoes and clothing in my living room.

No?  A mom can dream...

Here's what we started with.

It actually hasn't looked like this in a few years but these are the best pics I have of the room at all angles.  Its tiny.  And Peanut is large.

When I asked him what color scheme he'd like, he said "red, white and black".  Which happen to be his middle school and now high school colors.  Seriously, those three colors can get kitchy/themey quick.  But I was up for the challenge, as long as he let me incorporate some gray hues as well.

I shared a slightly different version this mood board on instagram last year and have updated with a few items.

As you can see if you squint, tilt your head at a 45 degree angle, I've already replaced Peanut's carpet with hardwoods and purchased the rug.  

I went ahead and painted three of the 4 walls gray and painted the wall behind Peanut's campaign dresser full chalkboard paint.

I want to buy the OKL headboard but instead of a full size to accomodate the width of his mattress, I'm going to do something a little different that I was share in a future post.

Considering one of the two threshold desks, but haven't committed fully yet.

On my to do list for the next 6 weeks:

Add another coat of chalkboard paint to the back wall

Decide what to do with his closet area

Order the OKL headboard

Decide on lighting (overhead and sconces)

Paint the ceiling

Add art

Decide on the desk


Finalize floorplan


I'm determined to get this one room done. 

You can also follow updates via instagram @legerecreativ


One Room Challenge - Week 6/The Finale + 2 days but who's counting...


I may have made ORC history as the first person to NOT finish.

I will wear that badge with honor because I got SOOOOO much done that I never would have in such a short period of time had I NOT participated in this series linky party.

Linda, I owe ya one!

I am very happy with what I got done and will post an update when its done done.

Without further adieu...

Click the pic above to see the punctual peoples reveals!!

If you want to catch up on moi's progress, check out:

Full disclaimer:

In order to post before the link expired, I had to #1, take pics at night, so the lighting is off and #2, take pics w/o everything done.

But we don't fake the funk over here at SCB.  We keeps it real.  And really, I didn't get all my shit done.  But I'm cool with that.  I think I did get some really kick ass stuff done so it all evens out in my book.



A few of the items I worked on this week was the fitted sheet/cover that matches the upholstery.  And the bolster and big pillows in back that match the roman shade.  

My first time sewing...two bolster pillows with invisible zippers and two 30x30 pillows with regular zippers.
Yep, I pretty much feel like this...

I originally planned to paint this desk but ultimately decided that I already had enough painted furniture.
So I decided to strip it.
Late excuse #1.

Before (when it was in the mom cave)
After (more like "in process")

Gallery wall
Sources (going clockwise starting at 12 o'clock)
Camel - Carly Martin
Lips - The Aestate
Cheetah - Made By Girl
Geode Art - moi
My Memere's wedding picture
Legere Creativ - my business logo
"Make It Happen" - Lara Casey
"Stop and Smell the Peonies" - Stephanie Sterjovski
Green Malachite Pagoda - The Pink Pagoda
More geode art - moi
Painting - Legere Creativ (moi again)

Grrr...hate that flash blurb.

I had originally planned to send these chairs out to the reupholster.  
But I kinda got cold feet.
My guy stopped reupholstering and I got a referral but their review wasn't so great.

So I decided to do them myself.

Like, really?  I've never upholstered anything in my life.  
Wait thats a lie.  I made Peanut's headboard and the daybed.  But a chair, never.

It was a huge time drain just removing the original upholstery.

Its coming along but just not quick enough.  Here what it looks like today.
Late excuse #2.

And there is the untouched chair.
And my messy dining room.
And a displaced billy bookcase.

And a photobomb kitty.

Rug is from Homegoods.
They are selling the same rug on RugsUSA but its out of stock in all sizes in this color way.

And here are the gratuitous kitty shots.  Because, lets be real.  Its their world, we just live in it.

Thank you all for following, checking me out every week, your sweet comments over the past 6 weeks.  

Stayed tuned for updates!!!


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