One Room Challenge - Week 4

You can click the image above to see what my cohorts have been up to over at the ORC Linky Pooh.
And you can check out weeks 1-3 here.

This week, ughh, the doubt has set in...

I'm doubting my layout.
I'm doubting my furniture plan.
I'm doubting I can get it all done in time.
I'm doubting I won't want to rearrange/move the furniture to different rooms in three days.

Doubt is the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've had these chairs going on two years now.

I love them.  Sure they need a treatment on the frame and to be reupholstered but they were such a rare find and I love that about them.

I like having ISH not everyone else has.

But now I'm wondering, should I switch them out with the settee at the foot of my bed?
(Another makeover needed)

Should I move my computer up to the Mom Cave?  And replace with a bar cart?
Or the pimping record/8 track player/stereo console I have sitting the garage?

Do I change my gallery wall to family photos and move the prints I've been collecting to the Mom Cave, too?

How do I translate the color scheme and vibe over to the connecting dining room when I'm ready to finish that room?

I'm second guessing the painted desk because I'd really love to incorporate some unpainted wood in there to break up some of the color.

UGH!!  More questions than answers.

I'm having a mid-oneroomchallenge crisis.

I get bored with my house very easily.  And I like to move pieces around.  So I like to choose colors (paint and fabric) that allow me to do this.  However I love COLOR!!  And I don't have a whole home color palette that allows me to do this all of the time. 
So if I reupholster those two chairs in the navy fabric I ordered, can I move them to the family room if I get the itch?  Or my bedroom?

Oh did I mention I'm going to try to reupholster them myself?

Ok, I'm over it.  Moving on.

I did technically get the daybed Ikea hack done.  I need to add three more corner brackets and sew a mattress cover in the matching fabric but I'm hoping the hard part is over.

I have to admit, putting that thing together was a beeyotch!!

There were some casualties.

You will be missed 1/8 and 5/32 drill bits.

So, not to leave you completely hanging, here is a little sneak peek.  I will share the DIY and better pics soon.

I've already removed half of the nailhead trim on the bottom front panel.
Yes, I still have the plastic on the pillows.
I don't know if I will ever take it off.
How many things can you spot in this room:
neck pillows
photobooth backdrop
all surface cleaner

Because of these Cretans kittens.  

Ok, lets recap.

Weeks 1 - 3 Accomplishments

Walls painted
Armoires painted
Roman shade DIY'd
Roman shade hung
Ikea bed puchased for hack
Daybed fabric selected and purchased
Supplies purchased (wood, foam, batting, etc...)
Pillows ordered
Chair fabric selected and ordered
DIY the daybed
Freaked out 

Weeks 4-6 To Dos

Order navy velvet for chairs (week 2)

Send chairs to upholsterer...or me (week 34)
decide on paint treatment for wood frame  
treat the wood frame to paint ;)
Decide on desk paint color (week 3)
Buy paint

Paint Desk

Start thinking about pillows (week 3-4)
Sew bolster pillows (week 2-34)

Order lighting (week 24)

Install lighting (week 35)
Gallery Wall (week 4-5)
Choose art/pics
Order art/pics
Arrange art/pics

Hang art/pics

Accessories (week 5-6)
office accessories
table between chairs
style table

I've lost my everlovin' mind.  Who's right there with me?

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And I'd love it if you followed the bloggy, too.  You know, so it doesn't get jealous of instagram.


  1. I have SO been there! I have decorating commitment issues, too. I love changing things around, and deciding on something makes me feel like I'm locking myself into something. Ha! By the way I LOVE those chairs!! They are so amazing and unique. I say just trust yourself and use what you love. Good luck!

    1. I am notorious for moving things around. I've already started plotting a switcharoo in my family room, so I already know it will impact this room eventually. Thanks so much, I do love the chairs, too!!

  2. You always make me laugh. The bed is amazing. I still can't believe that you built that. Your list is crazy long, but you know that. Those chairs could be really cool, good luck with it. They would take me 3 weeks, at least. Or, I would send them out.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I wanted to send the chairs out but when I asked my friend for her upholsterers number she warned me she wasn't 100% pleased with his work and that scared me off. I'm going to see how it goes. Wish me luck!!!

  3. I am in love with your window treatments and that daybed...swooning!!

  4. Love what I've seen so far Kim!!! Now for the chair vs. settee dilemma, personally, I would go for the settee- not just easier to re-upholster, but more cozy for two! Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Vel! I think I've settled on the chairs to remain, only because that settee is HEAVY and its upstairs. But I was pretty tempted to move it down here.

  5. Oh, wow. You have a lot to do, but that daybed is amazing. And I feel you on not taking the plastic off; my furniture is covered with a layer of black cat and dog hair. Plastic would be much easier to clean. Good luck! You're going to get it all done!

    1. I need the encouragement so thank you!! Yes, those dern fur babies mess everything up!! :)



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