One Room Challenge - Week 5

Keep your fingers crossed I get through this post.  My internet has been acting like a moody beeyotch since Thursday.  Clearly its working now if you are reading this.

You know the drizill.  Click the pic above to see what my fellow insane clown posse has been up to since last week.

I owe you pics on how I DIY'd/hacked the daybed.

Wrote a little something.  Wanna hear it?  Here it go...

I'd decided I wanted a daybed in the formal living room when I came across this bed at Ikea.

The Fjellse.  A twin was $39.99.
When I got it home and before I assembled, I cut all of the feet equally, leaving me with no headboard.  Make sense?

The base itself was perfect to attach upholstered panels to create a daybed.

I wrapped the front and back panels just in batting, since no one but the cats would really be leaning or touching them.

I just wrapped the batting until I got to the end.  Which left about 8 layers (front and back) to fold over and staple.  Too thick, so I peeled back a few...

...and got to snipping.

Then I folded over and stapled.  Easy, peasy.

The two side panels got the foam.

A knife with a serrated edge works well cutting foam.

The foam was wide enough but not long enough, so I had to augment the rest with a second cut piece.

Attach with spray adhesive.
*action shot*

Then I did the whole batting thing with those two pieces too.  
I basically wrapped the pieces like a present and stapled the ends to the wood.  
Ooops, I guess I forgot to tell you that I foamed both sides, so the wood was sandwiched in the middle. My plan was to hide the staples with the nailhead time.

Already an oopsie, but its facing the wall so no biggie.

Even with the nailhead trim, I still have a hard time with a straight line.

Here you can see how I attached the fabric to the front panel.  Since this side will never be seen, I just stapled it and moved on.

So I tilted the bed and centered the frame onto the panel.

Predrilled and screwed the bed onto the panels.  I used 2.5" screws so it went through both pieces of wood but wouldn't poke through the fabric.

Everytime I turned around.  This.happened.


I also added corner brackets down where the feet were.

And just above where the frame ended.  See, you may remember I told you I had to cut the legs down a little bit because the bed was just too high.

Well, shortening the legs also shortened how much frame there was to attach the panels.  Not a ton of support.  The brackets help remedy that and won't show because they are down by the box spring.

Here is after I've attached the side panels.

And the final pic I shared last week.  This has changed slightly, which you will see during the reveal.

I've been working on some pillows and the two chairs I insanely decided to reupholster.  Honestly, I don't think I will be done.  But I've come to terms with that.  I took on a lot that I didn't plan to and sometimes life happens.  I will still have a reveal.  And I will update on the blog even after ORC is over.  But I'm gonna work like mad to get as much done as possible.  Don't count me out just yet.

What's left to do:

Treat wood/Reupholster chairs
Finish pillows (two bolsters turned into two bolsters and two ginormous 30x30).
Finish gallery wall.
Style desk.
Clean room.
Paint desk.


  1. The bed is fantastic. Whatever you finish is more than you had, so you should feel really good. Good luck.

  2. Holy cow...Uber creative!! I love, love, love the color ~ can't wait to see your reveal!

  3. That is beautiful Kim! Such a smart hack :-)

    1. You are very kind, Delia! I'm happy with how it turned out.

  4. Wow, great hack! I really need to figure out how to put batting on my bedstand because I'm always bruising my shin on it!

    xo Mary Jo



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