One Room Challenge Linking Party/Round 2/Week 1 - Peanut's Bedroom

Five months and no blogging.  It took the One Room Challenge to drag me out of hiding.  Ironically, I haven't posted since I participated in the last ORC in October/November.

Click pic to see the other participants.

One of the best challenges out there in bloggy world, if you ask me.

This go-round I've decided I need to step it up and finish Peanut's room.  Maybe then he will stop leaving his deodorant, cologne, toothbrush, socks, pick, underwear, razor, hair products, shoes and clothing in my living room.

No?  A mom can dream...

Here's what we started with.

It actually hasn't looked like this in a few years but these are the best pics I have of the room at all angles.  Its tiny.  And Peanut is large.

When I asked him what color scheme he'd like, he said "red, white and black".  Which happen to be his middle school and now high school colors.  Seriously, those three colors can get kitchy/themey quick.  But I was up for the challenge, as long as he let me incorporate some gray hues as well.

I shared a slightly different version this mood board on instagram last year and have updated with a few items.

As you can see if you squint, tilt your head at a 45 degree angle, I've already replaced Peanut's carpet with hardwoods and purchased the rug.  

I went ahead and painted three of the 4 walls gray and painted the wall behind Peanut's campaign dresser full chalkboard paint.

I want to buy the OKL headboard but instead of a full size to accomodate the width of his mattress, I'm going to do something a little different that I was share in a future post.

Considering one of the two threshold desks, but haven't committed fully yet.

On my to do list for the next 6 weeks:

Add another coat of chalkboard paint to the back wall

Decide what to do with his closet area

Order the OKL headboard

Decide on lighting (overhead and sconces)

Paint the ceiling

Add art

Decide on the desk


Finalize floorplan


I'm determined to get this one room done. 

You can also follow updates via instagram @legerecreativ


  1. Good luck Kim. I will certainly follow along. You can do it :-)

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence, Delia ;)!!

  2. Hi Kim, nice to see you back for another round. I love your plan and am happy to read that you are on your way. You can do this. Thanks for joining in, again. Good luck.



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